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Due to the abilities of plasticity homing and engraftment stemcells have the potentioal to treat over 100 disorders

Advanced Lab

We have a well organized and equipped laboratoray which supports research activities by increasing the efficiency. Establishing a well functioning laboratory for the culture of human pluripotent stem cells provides the foundation for successful culture and experimentation.

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Experienced Team

We have a well collaborated team with a panel reasearch oriented doctors to microbiologists from across the globe. Led by highly experienced stem cells researchers. We have specific teams for specific diseases who cater to every individual according to the blood work.
As every patient has a different degree of acceptance.

Best In Industry

We are india’s first integretaed stem cell and company and the research differentiator. We are committed to the idea of utilizing the potential of stem cells to change peoples lives. Our years of hardwork and trails have helped us achieve amazing results. Using our proprietary technology stem are processed to ensure they possess the best features required for treatment.

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Your Health Our Priority

Helping you achieve the best possible healthy life with the most effective and advanced treatments available.

Cell Therapy

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Who we are?

Ree Clinic is a global leader in regenerative medicine and aims to deliver the best future for every generation. We have the vision to use the power of advanced technologies around cells, genes and tissues to provide industry-leading services towards propelling and enabling the best future for every generation.
You deserve the best.

We believe that an individual's health should be preserved and enhanced by understanding the biological mechanisms that lead to ageing and applying these insights in therapeutic solutions.

"The regenerative medicine revolution is upon us, like iron and steel to the industrial revolution, like the microchip to the tech revolution, stem cells will be the driving force of this next revolution."

- Cade Hildreth

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Stem Cells given by Ree Clinic (Dr. Nisha) were very helpful in my Father in Law’s Covid recovery. In just a couple of weeks the oxygen saturations improved and need for supplemental oxygen decreased to half. Would definitely recommend stem cell therapy for all its regenerative properties and long lasting benefits for many health issues.
Mrs. Parvathi
I Dr. Bharathi Reddy, Pediatric Surgeon from Hyderabad congratulate the Ree Clinic team for opening a clinic in Hyderabad. The Clinic has excellent doctors dedicated to good professional health care of patients with compassionate attention. I wish all the best for Ree Clinic team in the years to come.
I have seen close persons affected by covid pneumonitis improved dramatically after infusion of stem cells and are doing well now.
Dr. Bharathi Reddy
Hi Dr.Nisha don't want my name to come out on the website but " I really thankful for helping my son, he sleeps atleast for 8 hours every day now, I really thank you a lot for helping my son when I did not have enough money, the fact that you waited for my payment is really appreciated.
Client X
My kid has been a type 1 diabetic since 7 years, after taking stem cell therapy her glucose levels are very stable she's having few episodes of hypoglycemia compared to earlier, she is not off insulin but her intake of insulin reduced .
I took stem cell therapy cause i became very health conscious after covid, it gave me good energy boost, able to run an extra mile, feel very energetic throughout the day. Most importantly don't have a sloppy feel like I used to. I just feel very lively.
Used to have scanty hairloss , did not want to use minoxidil so tried stem cell therapy. It worked wonders not only did I grow my hair back but even the thickness of my hair increased.